Check Marc vote for M.E. in the Primary Election May 15

Patient and persistent, Marc Eberlein readily seeks solutions to life's difficulties. He is an independent scholar and a businessman. He has been a successful business owner for 28 years and a resident of the Northwest all of his life. He enjoys Kootenai County's history, culture, and scenery and takes an active interest in public service. As a conservative Republican, Marc understands the values held by his fellow citizens.

Marc is one of 3 children and grew up in Tonasket, Washington. Under the able guidance of his grandfather he developed skills as a craftsman, setting the foundation for later successful business ventures. After graduating from Tonasket High School, Marc settled down in his home town with his wife Elaine and joined the logging trade, a primary industry in the area. He served in the Police Reserves for a time. Marc's brother-in-law introduced him to religion and his conservative father-in-law introduced him to politics. Marc's politics started and remain conservative.

During the following years Marc ran a farming business while his cabinetmaking and gunsmithing hobbies became more serious. He also studied liberal arts, business and economics and history in his spare time. At 36 Marc decided it was time for a change and went to college. He maintained a 4.0 GPA, qualified for the Mensa Society. He was encouraged to become a CPA, but Marc wanted to combine his abilities of craftsman and businessman.

His business savvy matched his technical skills and he opened a sporting goods store. Marc became a widely known custom gun maker and even aspired to enter the Gunmakers Guild. Nevertheless, he found that better economic opportunities resided in cabinetmaking. To finance the business Marc joined the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Union as a journeyman machinist and spent the summer working in the commercial fishing industry in Alaska. Although a self-taught machinist, Marc proved to his managers and peers, that attentive independent study can be more effective than institutional learning. He received multiple job offers, but turned them down. His family and business ventures were more important.

Marc founded Eberlein Fine Cabinetry in 1996. Within five years the company had major projects up and down the west coast, including extensive developments from California. Growth rate was 50 to 100 percent in the early years and remained 30 to 50 percent afterwards. He provided full-time employment for local craftsmen. Years before technology became common in moderate sized businesses, Marc had the vision to increase production and decrease waste by investing in high tech CAD/CAM programs, CNC machining and other sophisticated equipment. Never one to shy away from daunting projects, he directed his company through the economic crisis debt free.

In 2001 Marc and his family moved to Post Falls, Idaho. Over the years Marc learned the value of responsible and honest leadership while organizing massive projects and managing numbers of employees. His company was well respected by builders who knew they could rely on Eberlein Fine Cabinetry to exceed expectations. In more recent years Marc and fellow investors acquired interests in the Bakken oil boom in North Dakota.

Inspired to serve his fellow citizens, and concerned about local leadership, Marc decided to run for Kootenai County Commissioner - District 1 and Kootenai County republicans supported Marc with their vote, electing him to office in 2014. He is currently serving as commissioner in that position.

Today Marc resides in Post Falls, Idaho. He is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys fishing, hunting, backpacking, and cross-country skiing. He is a family man and active in his church. Marc and Elaine celebrate 40 years of marriage this year. Their children, Lance, Jake, Rebecca, and Amanda have all pursued higher education. One also owns a successful business. Marc passed to them his love for learning and business know-how. Marc has 12 grandchildren and spends as much time with them as possible.

Paid for by Marc Eberlein for County Commissioner, Kevin Kimpton, Treasurer